Having been in the digital marketing industry for decades, leading in-house, agency and martech teams. Here's some 30,000-foot perspectives on marketing issues that businesses are facing today. Check out these recent articles to get an understanding of my view from the top.

See, Think, Do, Care: A New Way to Communicate Your SEO Strategy

When discussing SEO stragey with the C-Suite, do you ever experience your audience's eyes glazing over? Sure, you can try to explain website optimization in terms of the top of the funnel, mid-funnel, and bottom of the funnel; every CMO has some understanding of that. But that still doesn’t effectively capture the essence of what organic search optimization should be today.

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How Oracle Got Its (Content) Groove Back

Changing the direction of your company's content and communications strategy is never an easy thing. In this article, you'll find out how a large, well-known brand was able to shift its mindset and culture to ensure the messaging and content was more meaningful, and began to resonate with its target audiences.

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Why Brands Need to Stop Chasing Marketing Hype and Start Pursuing Audience Intent

Brands waste too much time and effort chasing the next, shiny marketing strategy or buzzword, thinking it's a silver bullet. Leading with "intent" lets brands put their audience first, and leaves the tactical marketing implementation as a detail, not a key focus.

Will Facebook 360 Change Brand Storytelling Forever?

Facebook 360 launched in 2015, but we have yet to see advertisers and marketers really nail the execution. This article will introduce the concept of 360 photos and video and bring together a handful of industry resources.

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Stop Looking at Keyword Search Volume (And Look Here Instead)


We've read about the impact of limited Search Volume data coming from the Google AdWords Keyword Planner. This article takes a unique look at the problem by showing there's a better KPI that more accurately demonstrates value and opportunity.

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The Ultimate Guide to SEO in 2017

45 insiders discuss the Future of Search for Linkdex's third annual SEO trends post. Perhaps not surprisingly, they see changes in content, as well as an increased focus on intent. As we kick off a new year, the odds are mobile-first and AMP will remain important phrases in the search marketing lexicon.

SEO Trends 2017: The Future of SEO

Ask 44 SEO experts what the big trends will be in 2017, and well, you get 44 different answers! Will this be the year we get the SEO basics right? Will this be the year of voice search? Will this be the year machine learning and AI forever changes SEO an we've known it?

Audience Optimization: Giving Your Audience What It Wants

Audience optimization - the art of optimizing for your audience's needs - isn't just about keyword intent. It's about customer intent, and trying to pinpoint what users are trying to do online when and where they perform a specific query. Customers have all the power. You must understand your audience and the language they use.

Sustainable SEO Is Strategic, Not Tactical

Digital marketing in the modern space is not just technical search engine optimization (SEO) or tactics. It's the strategy of understanding who your sales targets are and aligning to the marketing needs so editorial and content creation can target those people at the key moments of the consumer decisions journey (awareness, consideration, evaluation, and purchase).

Search Engines: Staying Ahead Of The Algorithm

A sustainable SEO strategy is not a simple checklist of tips and tricks, It's easier to understand your audience that is it to understand search algorithms - the secret formulas search engines use to rank web pages based on what people search for.