Christopher Hart Founder and Principal

No matter what size your business, navigating the digital marketing landscape can be confusing, full of twists and turns. And no matter where you turn, it seems companies are pointing to their next shiny thing to boost your business online.


Are you supposed to do some of it? All of it? And what are the costs and returns for where your business it at right now? When you have a finite budget, it can be challenging to figure out where to invest in digital marketing when there are so many options.


You may not even know what your current obstacles are to begin with. You know you want to get to Point B, but first, you have to figure out your Point A. And sometimes, getting to Point B doesn’t mean investing in digital marketing at all.


But it’s impossible to figure out any of this without a knowledgeable, objective third party. Because, let’s face it: all the people who say you should take a certain path in digital marketing are selling that path.


You need a neutral perspective of where your business is at today to determine the next steps in your digital marketing journey tomorrow. That’s where I come in.


I’m not selling any magical marketing solution, or guarding any mind-blowing digital marketing secrets.


So what do I offer? If you’re looking to reach a business goal through digital marketing, I can help you create a clearer path by demystifying the choices you have through simple coaching sessions.


When you connect with me, you tap into decades’ worth of experience in digital marketing, and a solid network of experts, should you need it to facilitate the next steps in your journey.


People value conversations with me because after years of working with hundreds of businesses in all types of sectors with all kinds of budgets, I understand the exact place you’re at right now, and can help you figure out what to do next.


Not only that, but I give it to you straight. I don't sugarcoat my advice and it’s not motivated by anything other than helping you find your way through digital marketing. Sometimes, all it takes is one conversation to get you to where you need to go.

Christopher Hart
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