Are you ready for some true, objective insights into your business and a better understanding of the path you should take when it comes to digital marketing? Tap into my 20 years of experience and no-B.S. guidance, plus a hand-selected network of experts in their fields.


Having been in the digital marketing industry for decades, on in-house teams, agencies and martech. Here’s some 30,000-foot perspectives on the marketing issues that businesses are facing today. Check out recent articles to get a better understanding of my view from the top.


No matter what size your business, navigating the digital marketing landscape can be confusing, full of twists and turns. And no matter where you turn, it seems companies are pointing to their next shiny thing to boost your business online.   


Are you supposed to do some of it? All of it? And what are the costs and returns for where your business it at right now? When you have a finite budget, it can be challenging to figure out where to invest in digital marketing when there are so many options.

You may not even know what your current obstacles are to begin with. You know you want to get to Point B, but first, you have to figure out your Point A. And sometimes, getting to Point B doesn’t mean investing in digital marketing at all.


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